White Christmas Cast List

Thank you all for auditioning. It was a great process with incredible teamwork throughout. I know we are going to have an INCREDIBLE production because teamwork like that makes a show phenomenal. Thank you all for working so hard and for bringing so much to the auditions. You made this process very challenging and exciting. I cannot wait to work with ALL of you! We are going to have so much fun!  РMeribeth Reeves (Director)

Actor Last Name Actor First Name Character(s)
Abbitt Thomas Waverly
Arsenault Reagan Ensemble B
Bove David Sheldrake/Ensemble A
Carr Sarah Ensemble A
Charpentier Katelyn Ensemble A
Chudnow Octavia Mrs. Snoring Man/Ensemble
Cottrell Charley May Ensemble A
Creed Julianne Ensemble B
Deal Abigail Ensemble A
Del Rosso Isabella Susan
DeLap Carly Ensemble B
Dennis Ashley Rhoda
D’Ortenzio Olivia Seamstress Assistant/Ensemble A
D’Ortenzo Mia Tessie/Ensemble A
Eans Joyanna Betty
Fisk Elliott Dance Captain (Character)/ Ensemble A
Graffanino Nicolas Phil
Herfurth Josiah Mike/Snoring Man/Ensemble A
Hubert Leticia Ensemble A
Johnston Drew Seamstress/Ensemble A
Liles Breah Ensemble A
Miller Allie Gloria/Ensemble A
Miller Zoie Ensemble A
Moser Abigail Cigarette Girl/Ensemble A
Nagai Jaeden Ensemble A
Petersen Ause Nolan Bob
Phillips Cate Ensemble B
Poarch Sami Ensemble B
Rideout Caroline Martha
Rinkes Jackson Ezekiel/Ensemble A
Rinta Jaiden Ensemble B
Roberts McKenna Sheldrake’s Secretary/
Ensemble A


Rosetti Anthony Ensemble A
Wussow Alexia Rita / Dance Captain (Real)
Wyse Kaitlin Judy