White Christmas Cast List

Thank you all for auditioning. It was a great process with incredible teamwork throughout. I know we are going to have an INCREDIBLE production because teamwork like that makes a show phenomenal. Thank you all for working so hard and for bringing so much to the auditions. You made this process very challenging and exciting. I cannot wait to work with ALL of you! We are going to have so much fun!  – Meribeth Reeves (Director)

Actor Last Name Actor First Name Character(s)
Abbitt Thomas Waverly
Arsenault Reagan Ensemble B
Bove David Sheldrake/Ensemble A
Carr Sarah Ensemble A
Charpentier Katelyn Ensemble A
Chudnow Octavia Mrs. Snoring Man/Ensemble
Cottrell Charley May Ensemble A
Creed Julianne Ensemble B
Deal Abigail Ensemble A
Del Rosso Isabella Susan
DeLap Carly Ensemble B
Dennis Ashley Rhoda
D’Ortenzio Olivia Seamstress Assistant/Ensemble A
D’Ortenzo Mia Tessie/Ensemble A
Eans Joyanna Betty
Fisk Elliott Dance Captain (Character)/ Ensemble A
Graffanino Nicolas Phil
Herfurth Josiah Mike/Snoring Man/Ensemble A
Hubert Leticia Ensemble A
Johnston Drew Seamstress/Ensemble A
Liles Breah Ensemble A
Miller Allie Gloria/Ensemble A
Miller Zoie Ensemble A
Moser Abigail Cigarette Girl/Ensemble A
Nagai Jaeden Ensemble A
Petersen Ause Nolan Bob
Phillips Cate Ensemble B
Poarch Sami Ensemble B
Rideout Caroline Martha
Rinkes Jackson Ezekiel/Ensemble A
Rinta Jaiden Ensemble B
Roberts McKenna Sheldrake’s Secretary/
Ensemble A


Rosetti Anthony Ensemble A
Wussow Alexia Rita / Dance Captain (Real)
Wyse Kaitlin Judy