Hamlet: A Tragedy in Three Rings


Performing March 1-4, 2018

Run away and join the circus! Inspired by Shakespeare’s mad tale of murder and betrayal, our Hamlet takes place in a 1920s circus where tarnished glamour and murderous power struggles meld into a dark, seething tragedy.

Adapted and Directed by Andrea McFeely

HAMLET – Joseph Daly

CLAUDIUS – Zackary Diepstraten

LAERTES – Cameron Swindler

HORATIO – Josiah Herfurth

OPHELIA – Kylee Webb

GERTRUDE – McKenna Roberts

LA BELLA FORTINA – India Chudnow

POLLONIA – Alexia Wussow

TATIANA – Gabriella Ruiz

SVETLANA – Octavia Chudnow

OLENKA – Savannah Powers

REYNA – Amelia Carlson


CORNELIA – Gracie Palmer

OSRIC/SIR – Ben Wright

LUCIUS – Jonathan Cagle

LUDMILLA – Katerina Anderson

ROSENCRANTZ – Audreanna Smyth

GUILDENSTERN – Madeline Mcintosh

BARNARDO – Riley Wood

NIKOLAI – Chris Smyth

ACROBATS – Katelynn Danielson, Audrey Nugent



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