Meet The Team

Edie Chudnow

Kimi Wussow

Ken Herfurth

Our Values

Be a part of a WOW experience

From the kickoff of a show or camp to the final cast party or showcase, we desire to have WOW experiences.  A WOW experience happens when everyone involved engages and brings as much excitement, capability and learning as possible.  Be bold – Be WOW!

Be Creative, Adventurous and Open

We are a creative organization, right?  So be open and willing to try and experience new things.  Let your teachers, directors and peers challenge as you strive to be your best.  Each show, each class, each camp is an adventure with others. Be open to the unexpected!

Be supportive, passionate and determined learners

We will have hiccups and issues.  What organization doesn’t? We aren’t perfect and we may fail.  Be supportive, be passionate, be determined to push through with each other.  Pursue learning and WOW will happen.

Aspire to build genuine and open relationships with great communication

We need each other.  We can’t do this alone.  Share openly, be resilient to learn each other.  Be genuine and be attached to one another. Your emotion matters.  Caring and being cared for builds great relationships. Belong to one another.

Embrace belonging to a very creative extended family

Working so closely together always provides opportunities for us to know each other more than we may be comfortable with.  Kind of like TMI – too much information! Embrace and enjoy your new extended family with all our unique and quirky elements.  Let’s be creative together! And, this extended family will always be here for you.

Do More with Less

We always have limited budgets and time.  Be creative, bring all ideas and share openly.  You never know where a great idea will come from!  Let’s be great stewards of our resources and focused on the outcome.



Be Humble

Ah!  If we are willing to learn, we will listen.  And if we listen, we can hear. If we hear, we may be humble.  And if we are humble, we can see others. No one is greater than another regardless of any role.  Be compassionate, see and hear from others.


Embrace accountability and be wildly responsible

Our shows, camps and classes will only be WOW if we are all accountable.  Hold your teachers, your directors, producers and each other accountable. Be wildly responsible for yourself.  Be brave. Always leave a place better than when you arrived.

Initiate, embrace and Inspire others

We aspire to be ‘for’ each other.  We cheer and support one another. Be patient with each other.  Always! Initiate to know one another, embrace to become connected, inspire to breed growth.  See others, be hospitable and be ‘for’ each other.


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